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My name is Gina Mento and I create works of art through inspiration that I receive through nature. This is a natural talent that has evolved over time. I took many classes while in high school and college, Radford University. I love animals and their beauty inspires my art. I try to find the soul of the animal and display that in my work. I also enjoy creating fantasy scenes such as faeries and dragons. Faeries and Dragons bring magic and joy into my life. To create a work of art showing this joy makes my life complete. I only wish that my work will bring as much joy to my viewers. I have sold my work in dance studios, gift stores, restaurants, and online. I am available for custom work, as well. To purchase any of the works of art in this website or to inquirer about custom work, please email me at aileydance1@hotmail.com.

Gina Mento
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Please let me know what you think of my collection and site!